Texas PTA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Congratulations Jenny Clark, Laure Dalluge and Amara Deedon for earning the honorary lifetime membership award

 Helene St. Pierre (Allen Council of PTA President), Jenny Clark, Laure Dalluge, Rachel Mitchell (Marion PTA President), Tiffany Linwood (Assistant Principal), and Dr. Robin Bullock (Superintendent) Missing Amara Deedon)

NOMINATION FOR 2023/24  DUE February 9, 2024


Since 1909 the Texas PTA has made available the Honorary Lifetime Membership as one of the highest honors that may be presented to individuals for outstanding service to children and youth. The recipient does not have to be a PTA member nor must the service for which the honor has been bestowed be connected with the PTA. The only requirement for receiving a Texas PTA Honorary Lifetime Membership is that the recipient is making or has made a worthwhile contribution to the well-being of children and youth. Individuals may be volunteers, staff, parents or teachers. The award recipients will be honored at a ceremony in April.


Nominations for this award are being accepted now through February 9, 2024. You may nominate someone who you feel goes “above and beyond” for the Marion students and community.


Volunteer of the Year Nominee

This award will be presented to an individual who has gone over and above as a volunteer at Marion this year. The recipient can be a teacher, staff or family member who has volunteered a significant amount of time and effort to Marion. The Volunteer of the Year Award will be presented at the last Marion PTA General Body Meeting.  Please note: we generally do not give this award to current PTA board members.


Texas PTA Life Membership Nominees

The Life Membership Award is one of the highest honors presented to individuals for outstanding service to our PTA. Please see a list below of all those who have already received the Life Membership Award from Marion PTA.


To Nominate Someone, please submit by February 9, 2024.


Please email membership@marionpta.org or file out this form.

1. Name of your nominee

2. Reason for nominating

Thank you!



Jenny Clark
Laure Dalluge
Amara Deedon


Shelly Diana

Emilie Gelsky

Angie Wade


Kim Arnold

Donna Hans

Courtney Halpin

Valerie Bartels
Mindi Sue Rubenstein
Brooke Cherry
Kelley Lawrence


Jennifer Adams

Paige Bratton

Terri Piorkowski


Alan Coffman

Kera Williams

Shannon Wu

Carol Fancher 
Shannon Lee 
Sarah Menini
Alisa Allen
Suzanne Lines
Lee Crowder
Danna Hamann
Kate LaForge
Cappi Leonard
Jennifer Johnson
Christine Kless
Kim Moncibais 
Christie Crable
Karen Perry
Michelle Rehfuss
Jenny Armentrout
Deborah Deverich - Extended Service
Cindy Matous
Kevin Cameron
Shelley Cameron
Alison McCullough
Nicole Dubree
Sharon Fisher
Denise Rebel
Melissa Smith
Martha Bahnman
Deborah Deverich
Angela Fortney
Marcy Pederson
Julie Easley
Roger Middleton
Amy Middleton
Angela Mazzei
Tana Trent
Reena Varughese
Victoria Cernades
Terri Eck
Jane Jergenson
Christine Ziegel
Vikki Contreras   
Peggi Fowler
Jo Anne Masters    
Susan Ruder
Amanda Tabor   
Johnna Walker
Suzanne Thompson