Extra school supply kits

If you forgot to purchase a school supply kit, we have some extra for each grade.  The cost is $70.00 for one of the extra kits. We cannot guarantee that we will have your class shirt size.  You may get the class shirt in the second order from our vendor in September.  Click here to order.




  1. Do the prices of the kits vary by grade? No. Each kit is $65 regardless of grade. Last Day to Order is May 31.
  2. How was the price set at $65? This is the cost of the school supplies + the cost of your class t-shirt.
  3. It's summer and we want to purchase our school supply kit. There will be a limited number of supply kits available at Meet the Teacher in August.  
  4. When do I receive my kit/shirt? Kits will be delivered direct to your child's classroom by Meet the Teacher night in August. Class shirts will be delivered the first week of school, if you preordered them in the spring.  
  1. Can I get a refund if I move and my child will no longer at Marion?  Unfortunately no, we have volunteers  purchasing items and ordering shirts from a vendor to make the kits.  If moving is just a possibility, please do not purchase a kit.  



If you have any questions about ordering school supply kits, please contact us.